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Our Privacy Policy Explained

Although it will come as no surprise, we want to stress that your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You'll be pleased that we collect very little information, and all of it anonymously. What little data we do collect, such as time spent on page, is only ever used to improve our website and your experience whilst using it.
Third party ad companies might us some personal information, though never contact details or name, to better target its services on our website statistics analysis website. Such data will never be provided by us, as we do not sell or share our visitor information with any third party company or person.
Keep in mind that certain personal information may be submitted to us by you, purposefully or otherwise. For example, when using our contact information, we will be provided with your email address and, possibly, your name and any other data you may choose to include. However, such information will never be used in any but the obviously intended way. Your email address may also be required by Disqus service, but it will not be stored on our database.
If you do not agree to this statement, you may not use and/or visit our website. By visiting and using this website, you agree to this Privacy Policy and will not hold us responsible for any loss of personal information during the use of our services.