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About website statistics

Hello and welcome to! We are sure you have, at some point, come accross website that may have appeared to be similar to our website performance analysis tool. We certainly have – there are not dozens, but hundreds of such tools. Suffice to say, we didn't trust any of them ourselves. Not only is the accuracy... debatable, to put it mildly, but it was also all raw in presentation. Numbers, sometimes meaningless ones, and nothing else. What sets website analysis apart is the sheer number of hours that we have spent on adding not just accurate and dependable website data, but also the crucial, educational human touch to it all in the form of insights. After all, if this project is no better, why launch it?
Instead of simply giving you a plethora of raw metrics and data, we made sure to make it, above everything else even, easy to understand even for complete novices in SEO. After all, what is the point in having numbers presented to you without context and explanation?
Those among you more experienced in the field of SEO will still find our statistics analysis to be both very accurate and useful, and maybe appreciate the honesty of every insight. For the rest – don't bother too much with those enormous SEO books and articles for the sake of a simple analysis. Though we always suggest educating yourself, we mostly have you covered regarding website performance, speed, keywords, backlinks and the rest of the data presented in our reports.